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COX FAMILY Cox: Beatrice 1900; Child 1811;Clara1886; Elsie 1895; Frederick 1856; Joseph 1834; Joseph 1897; Samuel 1761; Susanna 1907; William 1869: Pavey: Edith 1910; Hilda 1912; Joan 1920;
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12. JOAN6 PAVEY (CLARA5 COX, FREDERICK JAMES4, JOSEPH3, CHILD2, SAMUEL1) was born 1920 in Bishops Hull, Som, Eng, and died 10 March 1998 in Vancouver, Canada.
She married JOHN TREW Abt. 1941. He was born 1921 in Bristol, Eng, and died 7 August 1977 in Vancouver, Canada.

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Children of JOAN PAVEY and JOHN TREW are:
2 children